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  • S05E09-Lucy Gets Caught Up In The Draft

    Lucy (Lucille Ball) receives a draft notice intended for Lou C. Carmichael, and no matter what she says, the Marines won’t discharge her until official orders arrive. She is forced to submit to boot camp, until the mistake is finally rectified. Features a cameo by Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle.

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  • S05E15-Viv Visits Lucy

    Viv flies to California to visit Lucy and admits that she’s looking for a young college student from her hometown whom she believes has fallen in with the no-good beatnik crowd. Lucy and Viv disguise themselves as hippies to track the youth down.

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  • S05E05-Lucy And The Ring-A-Ding Ring

    Lucille Ball returned to the air, without her ex-husband Desi Arnaz, in this half-hour sitcom. She remained on the air for the next 12 seasons. On The Lucy Show she played Lucy Carmichael, a recently widowed bank secretary. Originally she worked at the First National Bank in Danfield, Conn., and the show also featured Vivian Vance as her pal and contenant. In the fall of 1965 all the supporting players (except for her current boss (Gale Gordon) were dropped, and

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